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Welcome to the Savage from Ultimate RC Pitstop. We have wanted to create a class that is affordable yet competitive no matter what level of skill you have. This is our wingless Savage Class at one of our races at our home track  this year. Check it out

Traxxas Savage Conversion Kit

Ultimate RC Pitstop has created an affordable conversion kit to take any 2wd Slash, Rustler or Bandit and turn it into a Sprint Car. We wanted a kit that was affordable to buy and durable to race. It has taken off beyond what we could have imagined.

This kit includes everything needed from a chassis to a cage and body and all parts needed to convert your donor car. They can be run with wings, however, at our home track and other tracks near us, The Savage Wingless Sprint has been the class of choice.

Our kit includes

  • Chassis
  • Upper and lower bulk head mounts
  • Transmission spacer
  • Servo mount
  • Bell crank mounts
  • Bell crank
  • Battery mount
  • Rear shock tower
  • Top plate block
  • Tail tank mount
  • Stand off
  • Short body mount
  • Sprint body kit
  • Cage kit
  • Rear shock spacers

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