2020 Race Rules, 1/10 Scale


Must use the stock foam insert provided with tire. Altering the inset will not be permitted in any class. One foam insert per tire only.

All tires must have a durometer no lower than 5 points below the original hardness. Tires will be checked with the track’s durometer and compared with a new tire which will be kept at tech. if the above rule is followed, there is no reason that a tire would change from its original firmness.

***If it is not seen in the rules then it’s not legal***

General Rules for ALL Classes: 

Only 2S, 8000 mAh max, batteries only. Racers are REQUIRED to Marshall after their event UNLESS

  1. Said driver is running back-to-back races
  2. Driver is physically unable to Marshall
  3. Driver is a novice driver

Failure to Marshall will result in loss of laps and/or loss of qualifying position

Tech Inspection: URCP reserves the right to randomly tech any competitor’s car at any point throughout the race day.


Any aftermarket northeastern dirt modified bodies will be allowed with or without sail panels from any manufacturer or homemade. May also run unaltered stock Traxxas Slash truck body, 2wd stock slash with HCG, XL5 esc 12 Titan motors only.

Any STOCK Radio can be used

Sc Modified

2WD only. Must be SC based. Open to any SC chassis, not just Traxxas. Open 2.2/3.0 SC tire, Mudboss style body (Sail panels allowed, IMCA style also permitted, left side dam bodies are NOT allowed), open motor, 1/10th open esc. No truck or late model bodies permitted.

13.5 Mudboss

If you are legal under Salvas rules you are legal at URCP. Open 1/10 ESC, Roar Legal, 13.5 motor

The Salvas Mudboss bodies are legal. Any aftermarket northeastern dirt modified bodies will be allowed with or without sail panels form any manufacturer or homemade. LCG chassis are legal. The LCG frame won’t be an advantage with the track surface.

  • Tires
    • Bandito SC and SC-M tires, Spec Traxxas, BF Goodrich or Kumho tires, Pro-Line Hoosier
  • Gears
    • It will be open gearing as well.
  • Legal Tuning parts

Any color Traxxas Slash aluminum steering bell cranks (#3743), caster blocks (#3632), steering blocks (#3636), camber links, and rear axle carriers (#3652) are allowed.

RPM rear carriers (#80382), front steering blocks (#80372), caster blocks (#80712), front (#80952, #80953, #80955) & rear (#81002, #81003, #81005) bumpers.

Rear A-Arms must be in their FACTORY POSITION! Left A-Arms on the left side with the L facing the sky, vice versa for the right side.

No rear bearing carriers that adjust rear toe in!

Transmitter/Receiver and servo may be replaced. (Servo saver will also not be a tech item)

The hard-anodized Teflon coated shocks and aluminum shock caps (any color) are allowed.

Different weight shock oil may be used as well as internal shock limiters to adjust ride height and droop.

2-stage pistons or any modification to the shock to tune the compression and rebound separately will not be allowed

Servo may be replaced. (Servo saver will also not be a tech item)

1/10 17.5 Sprint

Pro-Line Spec Hoosier Tire Only (any compound), Gearbox transmission, 6×6 or 7×7 wing, open 17.5 motor, open 1/10th ESC, 2wd only

1/10 Mod Sprint

Open Motor, Open Rubber Tire, Open 1/10th ESC, Gearbox transmission only. 6×6 or 7×7 top wing.

1/10 Late Model

Open tire, gearbox transmission, late model style body (No side Dams), open motor, open ESC, open tire, 2wd only. Car based chassis only. No 1/10 bodies on a truck chassis permitted 2” rear spoiler measured from top of rear deck.

1/10 Street Stock

Pro-Line Spec Slide Job or Hoosier Tire, 2.0 or 2.2 rims allowed, buggy based, gearbox trans, street stock style body, open 13.5 motor, open 1/10th esc, 2s battery, 2wd center mounted battery car-based chassis only. No offset chassis. No street stock bodies on a truck chassis permitted.

Rear or Mid motor Chassis

Rear spoiler is only 1” high measured from top of deck. Rear spoiler end caps allowed, must be equal length and max 1” high

Approved Bodies

Custom Works- Part #9002, 9075

McAllister Racing- Part #268, 264, 306, 290,134, 136, 159, 181, 182, 292, 303,313,125

Can only use up graded parts from the respective manufacture

1/10 VXL Mudboss

Slash 2WD LGC, Mudboss style body, VXL Brushless System. Bandito SC and SC-M, Spec Traxxas, BR Goodrich or Kumo, Pro-Line Hoosier tires. Custom Works adjustable rear A-Arms

Will follow Mudboss rules except having the VXL System.

1/10 13.5 EDM

Small style dodc edm bodies rules no side panels

Pro-Line Hoosier or Slide Job Tire Only (any compound). Gearbox Transmission, Open 13.5 motor, open 1/10 ESC 2WD only

Stock Mudboss

  • The Salvas Mudboss bodies are legal. Any aftermarket northeastern dirt modified bodies will be allowed with or without sail panels from any manufacturer or homemade. URCP has the final word on homemade bodies.
    • There is no gearing rule. However, the Traxxas spur gears (#4683, 4686, 4690, and 4676) must be used.

NOTE: NO Dremel work on the vehicle to make gears fit.

Must use stock Traxxas Slash 2wd HCG chassis and components, unmodified. No modifying, replacing, or removing any components unless specified.

All suspension components must be installed in the proper position and orientation on the car from the factory. No shimming is allowed!

(Example: Left caster block on the left; right block on the right, front shocks on front, rear shocks on rear, suspension arms right side up, etc.)

Locking or modifying the differential in any way will not be allowed. The differential must have normal diff action and cannot turn the motor over when rotation one rear tire against the normal compression (resistance) or the motor. No ball diff’s.

*Transmission must remain stock. Gears must be stock. No cut gears. Not lightweight gear upgrade kits. No aftermarket gears of any type. No alternations will be permitted to the gearbox. Box stock gears only. Stock replacement part numbers that are legal: steel idler gear Traxxas 3696 (30t) top steel drive gear Traxxas 3195 (22t)

Planetary Gear Differential & Steel Right Gear Traxxas 2388X

Stock Traxxas bearings only

Any additional weight may not be added!

Stock ESC in stock position, Stock Titan 12T motor only.

Transponder, and receiver can be mounted anywhere in the main chassis plate area only.
There is no gearing rule. However, the Traxxas spur gears (#4683, 4686, 4690, and 4676) must be used.  

URCP Savage Rules 2020

URCP G10 or aluminum chassis. Original MFG suspension parts only, no other parts allowed. Original MFG chassis parts only, no aftermarket hop-up, no optional aluminum part. Major alterations to the chassis or modification to drivetrain/suspension components is NOT allowed.

Electronics (rx/esc/amb) must be installed within chassis surface (no outside installation). Battery brace can be trimmed to allow different LiPo battery wire configuration.

Hobbywing EZRUN Brushless System Combo. Original Traxxas 2075 servo saver (white) or bell crank (black). Be advised the servo gears might get broken under a heavy crash. Original Traxxas plastic servo saver/bell crank ONLY (white or black system). It is allowed to mix the components (i.e. Black servo horn with white bell crank). It is allowed to use a solid (1 piece) servo horn, any brand.

2-cell 7.6v LiPo battery with a maximum of 8,000 MAH.

Adjustments: Traxxas 76/83/86/90 spur with all transmission parts in place slipper. Any pinion sizes. No modifications can be made to the transmission’s case (i.e.: to allow a bigger gear ratio). The gear cover must always be off to allow visual inspection (carpet) and removed if asked (dirt). The only adjustments allowed to the car are those allowed by the original MFG components of the car. You are allowed to use any original wheel spacer combination (black, grey, or any combination of both).

Transmission functionality rule (motor cannot spin while turning slowly on rear wheel a full turn). Traxxas SLASH *STEEL* transmission gears ONLY (internal plastic transmission gears are NOT allowed).

Suspension: Traxxas 2WD plastic shocks (grey or black) (fronts in front, rears in the rear). Traxxas 5862. Original Rear (Traxxas 5858) and front springs (Traxxas 5857). NO LCG kit springs or aftermarket springs. 5.3- Front springs may be cut in order to shorten them (no more than 5 rounds removed). The shock’s travel may be shortened with internal shims (IE: fuel tube or solid shims).

Original shafts in original cylinder (length and type in proper cylinder). Original pistons from kit only (original 1, 2, or 3 hole), NO modifications can be made to them. Traxxas upgrade part #5862 is allowed.

Adding weight (in any way) is NOT allowed, wheel balancing is allowed (sole purpose of balancing, not to add weight).

No front bump stop suspension, a single original blue bump stop can be used per rear shock (not mandatory) 5.8—No shimming allowed (to reduce stop in suspension parts). All suspension parts must remain in original positions it was designed for. All suspension parts must remain in original positions it was designed for. Rear camber links must remain in original height position (upper hole on shock tower NOT allowed).

Spec Tire—Hoosier or Proline Slide Job any compound